Sitebuilder February 20th, 2010

If you happen to be a Yahoo customer who is trying to use Sitebuilder, there are some important issues to remember.

1) Make your page titles unique, even if it means you use “site name: page name”. Having all the pages titled “site name” is confusing and deprives search engines of important information.

2) Remember to put in both a description meta and a keywords meta. Some search engines use keywords, but Google doesn’t.

3) Make your keywords specific to the page. It’s ok to include a couple of the general site keywords, but if you are editing a photo page, include keywords that help define the content of the page; mountain photos, lake photos, kitten snapshots, candid photos, wedding photos, whatever is on that page.

You may be using a template, but you need to take care of the meta details.

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